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The World of Faltoor

Faltoor is the setting of the adventure, and is vast and detailed in nature. Learn about the countries that make up the continent, their capitals, their cultures and their rulers. Navigate the map of Faltoor to gain an understanding of how each vastly different country fits into place.


Professions are a unique mechanic incorporated in the Fisher King and impact heavily on the campaign’s gameplay. Learn about the roles played by the mighty Warden, the mysterious Merchant or the quiet Scholar – and chose the one which would best suit your play-style and character.

The Quest System

Quests in the Fisher King are unique, expansive, epic – and hidden. The main quest line is only the tip of the iceberg in aiding your exploration of the continent. Story-driven gameplay fuels the adventure, embedded in side quests and conflict that can only be solved if it is sought out. Learn about the journal and quest system involved in the Fisher King and how the actions of the players will influence the outcome of quests – impacting characters, cities and the realm.


The two joinable factions in Faltoor do not opposite each other, but are very different in nature and suited to radically different playstyles. Learn about the noble and famous faction of Bounty Hunters and the illegal and infamous faction of Smugglers – and pick a hobby that will allow you to experience Faltoor the way you want.


Magic in Faltoor is a fragile thing – it has been bent, broken and put back together more times than time itself. The ways in which people use the arcane is basis for an eternal war being fought across the continent – a war that the players will ultimately have to settle. Learn about the history and culture of magic in Faltoor and why two opposing sides will fight endlessly to ensure their side of magic is the one that prevails.

Fame & Infamy

The Fame mechanic in The Fisher King allows the players to begin their journey with clean, blank slates – and fill them with stories, rumor and impressions. Learn about the mechanic that will decide if the players are respected, appreciated, hated or feared.

The House

The House is by far the game’s core freedom-based element, and makes for a truly engaging role-playing experience. Learn about the mechanic that makes players truly feel like they are a part of this world, and will eventually come to define them and their story.

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