A hundred years after The Breaking of Magic, monsters have developed a mastery of their own forms of the arcane. Terrorizing Faltoor, creatures and beasts wielding the mystic arts grow in number and in power – and can only be hunted and defeated by The Fisher King, an ageless warrior tasked with slaying the monsters of Faltoor to protect the realm.

Only the Fisher King is dead.

The Fisher King is an open world, scenario-driven sandbox campaign for D&D 5th edition. The adventure employs various mechanics grounded in fame and infamy, allowing for the players to begin the campaign as commoners and rise to legendary figures of historical power.
The campaign is set in Faltoor, the legendary homebrew continent stretching thousands of leagues, filled with monsters, magic, warriors, secrets and wonder. The adventure takes place immediately after the death of the Fisher King, a monster hunter who seeks out creatures and otherworldly beings who threaten the realm and deals with them as he sees fit. Now that the Fisher King is dead, the world is once again largely defenseless against the ever-looming threat of attack from monsters.

It is ultimately the task of the players to fulfill the role of the Fisher King, going about the task in any way they wish – becoming heroes by slaying monsters and defending the people, orchestrating huge battles against titans capable of flattening entire cities, and everything in between. Creativity and freedom is limitless, the characters have control over themselves, the story, and how events will progress to shape the game.

The Fisher King